Inbitz has been developed with passion and soul for the CrossFit and lifting community, and  also for any athlete requiring a hand care routine.

This quality handmade kit will support strong skin and reduce rips whilst training, therefor giving the athlete an edge over their competition.

Inbitz along side a dedicated routine will give you strong supple awesomely workable hands.

The super duper hand repair Balm is handmade, never tested on animals, free from SLS and parabens.

This is a Man size 100g pot so will last.

The cotton bags are 100% pure unbleached biodegradable natural cotton fabric giving an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic based products, the bag is oversized to keep any other items you may find useful.

The German made callus shaver come with spare blades and is individually inspected for any faults giving you a long lasting product.

The pumice stone is natural, every single stone is individually hand picked and unique so will comes in various shapes and sizes. This natural pumice is of the highest quality and is also sold in premium London stores.

SuperDuper Recovery Balm

Shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil and buzzy bee wax.

DO not use pre WOD use night before or straight AFTER, it will feel gritty until the bees wax melts.

Jaw Pull Up Grips

These grips will allow you to jump on the pull-up frame and pump out numerous reps without ripping your hands to shreds. Even if you form blisters, your palms remain protected and will allow you to continue your set.

Available in small,medium or large and in red or blue

 KTees ‘Soothe’

KTees ‘Soothe’ Antiseptic Tea Tree and peppermint cooling lotion, apply straight after a Workouk out when your hands are sore or any other part of your body that require a little First Aid..

Pumice Stone

A tough and hard wearing volcanic pumice that will not lose its shape or effectiveness over time.
The pumice is the ideal texture to smooth away hard, dry and dead skin and remove calluses for smooth and workable hands and feet.

Inbitz Callus Shaver

Effective and easy way to removes the layers of dead skin. Not only will this help prevent blisters and tearing/ripping, but it will also leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

  • Shaves away dead skin
  • Removes calluses
  • Prevents ripping and tearing

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